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Generate revenue by displaying YouTube videos on the web with embedded eBay listings

CAMBRIDGE, UK: March 30, 2007. Affiliate Compare a web site launched to make it easier for affiliates to earn revenue have today allowed its users to earn revenue when they display YouTube videos with relevant embedded eBay auction listings on their website or blog.

“Showing ads in YouTube videos is a very hot topic at the moment, but now all webmasters and bloggers have the choice to display relevant eBay live auctions within their YouTube videos and earn some revenue at the same time” commented Daniel Coe, designer of the program; he added “All you really have to do is supply the YouTube VideoID”.

Affiliate Compare have enabled live eBay auction listings to be displayed within YouTube videos either at the top or bottom of the video and eBay auction listings from the UK, US or Australia can be displayed within any YouTube video.  The keyword tagging of the YouTube video by the owner of the video determines the eBay auctions displayed in the video.

Affiliate Compare users can earn revenue if a visitor clicks on one of the auction listings displayed in the YouTube video and the visitor goes on and bids on and then wins either a ‘Buy It Now’ or traditional auction listing, further revenue can be earned if a new user registers with eBay and becomes a full member within 30 days of setting up an account.


Affiliate Compare was originally set up to allow UK affiliates to display price comparison results of DVDs, Music CDs and Books on their website, since then magazine subscription prices have been added as well as a new directory service. Signing up to Affiliate Compare is completely free.


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